04 January 2018 / By TravelingCoin

Traveling whether domestically or abroad, for work or vacation can be a logistical nightmare, which should not be the case in a very modern world. Vacationers, especially those who have to travel to foreign countries often get lost in the translation when it comes to paying for goods and services when they are abroad, and often complain of being shortchanged by vendors. This is why Bitcoin is a long overdue alternative for travelers, that is now getting the stamp of approval as means of paying for vacations and travel with one of the leading Travels Companies in the world, in the form of Monete Travel.

So how would Bitcoin save you a lot of hassle and heartache and make your vacation a much more memorable experience? Here are a few reasons why:


We all have that sense of trepidation whenever we swipe our card at the mall or at any other goods and service providers, fearing that our personal and payment info might one day be hacked and stolen by online criminals. This is especially very disturbing when we travel abroad and shop in stores and bazaars we are not familiar with. With Bitcoin you have no such security fears, as your payment is done in a highly protected way, in that no one can use the data from the store or shop you made you purchase to trace and hack your own Bitcoin wallet. Your payments don’t carry either your name or other personal identifiers and as such your privacy is absolutely guaranteed.

Cost Effectiveness

Bitcoin is one of the most cost efficient means of paying for anything in the world, and can now be used for your vacation payments. Due to its ever upward surge, chances are that you will be paying for your whole vacation package from flight to ground transport and accommodation, at a price that is lower than what you would have paid with your fiat currency. Bitcoin within this year alone has gained value to the tune of over 1500%! And if you were to have bought your Bitcoin at the beginning of 2017 when it was trading at just under $1000 and pay for your family vacation with it by the end of the year, you could as well be paying for a $15,000 vacation package for a paltry $1000!

Swift Transactions

Bitcoin is one of the fastest means of making transactions in the world and is perfect for vacationers who often get problems with their cards as Banks restrict them when they notice them being used in a foreign land. With Bitcoin your payment will be sent to the recipient no matter what part of the world you may be vacationing at, without any fear of being blocked by bureaucratic red tape or border restrictions.

With Bitcoin you have a the perfect travel money and taking that into consideration Monete Travel now becomes the first Travel company in the world to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment for your vacation experience. Wither you are traveling within the US or to further destinations like Cancun, the Riviera, Spain or South Africa, you have absolutely nothing to worry about, as you can tap in on that that Bitcoin hoard of yours and pay for your whole family’s vacation without feeling a pinch! For your bookings and reservations, call 407-656-1655 or mail info@travellingcoin.com and your vacation experience will be set up using the cutting edge means of payment of the 21st century, which will surely make your vacation one that will linger in memory for a very long time to come!

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